Who We Are

Over the last several weeks, the world has changed around us. Our retirements, once secure, feel less so, and we have more questions than answers. To meet this moment, we will help Baby Boomers navigate these times, make smart decisions for retirement, and help them achieve their goals.

Kindur is proud to add Silvur, the first retirement app dedicated to Baby Boomers, to its family of brands and tools. Silvur will leverage Kindur’s SmartDraw technology to estimate Baby Boomers’ financial picture throughout retirement for them to feel financially aware of the future.

Kindur’s values are deeply-rooted throughout its brands and tools: Silvur and SmartDraw. With one purpose in mind, Kindur is dedicated to securely guiding Baby Boomers through their lifetime achievement—retirement.
Phone with Silvur appSmartDraw graph

"Kindur ... aims to help you create a check you can count on in retirement."

"New tools can help turn your retirement savings into a steady paycheck"

"Kindur takes your entire financial life into account and uses technology to help you pick an annuity, but also optimizes your other investments and Social Security choices."

Our Story

Rhian Horgan, Kindur's Founder and CEO, describes why she started Kindur specifically to help make the transition to retirement simple and easy.