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With Kindur, you get access to a team of planners that specialize in advising retirees. Our licensed financial planners are able to help provide guidance on both investments and insurance, which means they can support your entire retirement picture. And since we are a fiduciary, we are obligated to put your best interests at the forefront of the planning process. Our planners are not paid commissions so their focus is on what is right for you.

When you work with a Kindur financial planner, you'll get:

A complimentary review of your retirement picture to ensure your plan is aligned with your retirement goals, financial situation, and risk preferences.


Assistance with the logistics of putting your plan into action, including support for rolling over and consolidating funds, and setting up the accounts associated with your plan.


Actionable steps to implement your plan, including selecting the right investment portfolio and setting up a retirement income stream deposited monthly directly to your account.

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Ongoing expertise and guidance you can access whenever you need it to help keep your plan on track as your needs change over time.

Our expert Financial Planners specialize in retirement.

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