Receive Income for Life, Guaranteed.

No up-front commissions. Simple online application.

Kindur Assured Income1 is designed specifically for stable retirement income. Enjoy peace of mind with guaranteed income2 for you, or you and your spouse.

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Lifetime Income You Can Count On

Coupled with your Social Security payments, an annuity can help cover monthly essential spending like housing and food. This lifetime income is provided without risk due to index fluctuations.

Retirement on Your Terms

We know the future isn’t set in stone. Kindur Assured Income allows you to turn on your income when you’re ready and decide if you want income for your life, or the lives of you and your spouse.

No Up-Front Commission

Our fees are transparent and charged over time—other than a flat annual fee, we don't get paid until you do upon activating your income. For more information, see our fees below.

Why Kindur Assured Income?

Kindur Assured Income allows retirees to diversify their retirement portfolio with income they can count on for life. Consider it a personal pension.

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How it Works

Purchase a Contract

Buy your annuity online with a simple application. Have questions about the process? You can always ask a Kindur Coach.

Grow the Premium

Watch your premium grow, tax-deferred, before you take your income. The longer you wait, the more income you may receive.

Activate income

When you’re ready, decide if you’d like the income to cover your life or the lives of both you and your spouse.

Receive a Paycheck

Enjoy peace of mind with monthly guaranteed income deposited directly to your account.

Leave a Legacy

Your beneficiaries may receive any remaining contract value not paid out as income during your lifetime.

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More Details

Download the Kindur Assured Income Product Guide

Our customers ask some really great questions, so we consolidated detailed answers in this two-pager.

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More benefits of Kindur Assured Income
  • Receive the benefit of tax-deferred growth on your premium until you activate your income.
  • Access liquidity in the event of illness or the need for long-term care.*
  • Add to your contract value at any time before you take your income with flexible deposits.

*The Wellness Rider, Terminal Illness Rider and Nursing Care Rider may not be available in all states.

Things to Consider
  • Annuities should complement a liquid portfolio. In exchange for lifetime income, annuities offer minimal liquidity3.
  • While Kindur Assured Income offers some liquidity flexibility, there may be penalties for accessing your contract value4.
  • The credit rating of the issuer matters because it is an indicator of its claims-paying ability.
Our fees

We don’t take upfront commissions like traditional insurance agents so you have more money growing towards your retirement income. Our fees cover the advice we provide as your investment adviser while your annuity grows and we don’t collect our management fee until you are enjoying the benefit of guaranteed income.


You pay a modest fee for our advice regarding your contract within the context of your overall portfolio, including recommendations on timing for electing income and assistance with any annuity related service requests you may have.


Once you elect to receive income under your LIBR, you pay our advisory fee as a small percentage of the contract value. That’s $500 a year for a $100,000 contract value. Our fee goes down over time as your income is paid-out.

We’ve partnered with American Equity, a leading insurance company with approximately $53.7 billion in assets5 specializing in annuities that generate income for life.

Recognized by A.M. Best Company® (A- rating) and Standard and Poor’s® Rating Services (A- rating) for their commitment to sound business principles and financial strength, American Equity is committed to delivering exceptional service, integrity, excellence and safety to each customer they serve.6


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A.M. Best Company® rating


Standard and Poor’s® Rating Services rating