Low-Fee Investment Portfolios

Kindur’s portfolios are backed by technology designed to get you through retirement by helping minimize taxes and maximize how long your money lasts.
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It’s like fuel efficiency for your retirement.

Our diversified portfolios are tailored for retirement, and our strategy is tax-aware for when you’re ready to withdraw those hard-earned savings.

How it works

Consolidate Accounts

Simplify and strengthen your retirement strategy by managing your money all in one place.

Invest and Grow

Invest in a portfolio of established, low-fee ETFs. Your mix of stocks and bonds will be adjusted based on your retirement timeline and how much risk you’re comfortable with.

Draw income

When you are ready to retire, we’ll strategically draw from your qualified and taxable accounts and deposit your income directly to your bank account.

Stretch your savings

Kindur’s smart withdrawal strategy helps keep more money working for you. We’ll project how long your money will last and rebalance investments over time to help keep your portfolio on track.

Why Invest With Kindur

Our portfolios are aligned with your finances and risk preferences and we automatically rebalance your investments as the market changes. See our investment methodologies and disclosures to learn more.

Designed for living longer

Making money last in retirement requires a different strategy than saving for retirement. Your portfolio considers your income needs and gradually adjusts over time, shifting towards investments for preservation and liquidity rather than growth.

Funds you can trust

Kindur’s portfolios are made up of established ETFs (exchange-traded-funds) managed by household names like Vanguard, Blackrock and Charles Schwab. So you get the benefit of smart investing technology with the peace of mind that your money is managed by names you can trust.

Investments with low fees

Unlike actively managed mutual funds, which can have high expense ratios, hidden fees and commissions, Kindur invests in low-fee ETFs with a weighted average annual fee of 0.06%1 which could keep thousands more in your pocket.

Our Fees

We charge a low fee for assets under management which includes access to Kindur’s platform for planning and managing your retirement. Compared to a traditional financial advisor, you could save thousands per year2. You’ve worked hard for your money — keep more in your pocket as you prepare for, transition to, and live in retirement.


That’s $500 a year for a $100,000 account value.

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