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For most, retirement income is a combination of social security, part-time work, pensions, annuities and strategic withdrawals from retirement savings and other investments.
We analyze each person’s retirement expenses and unique mix of income sources to determine the right “paycheck” strategy. We do the heavy lifting, you enjoy income with peace of mind.

We believe in having enough guaranteed income to cover essential spending in retirement, to help provide peace of mind no matter how long you live.

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Retirement Paycheck
What is a Retirement Paycheck?
With the right tools and strategies in place, anyone can turn hard earned savings into stable retirement income deposited directly to your bank account each month. That’s why we call it a retirement paycheck. With Kindur, your retirement paycheck comes with features designed to make retirement income simple and stretch your money longer.

Simple Account Management

Managing many accounts at different institutions can get overwhelming. We simplify your retirement by consolidating accounts all in one place. You can also link accounts at other institutions to have a single view of all your accounts, whether managed by Kindur or not.
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Tax-Aware Withdrawals

Our smart technology analyzes your unique situation and recommends how to sequence withdrawals across qualified and taxable accounts to minimize taxes. Our software helps you find the right withdrawal strategy, which can add years to the life of your portfolio.

Guaranteed Lifetime Income

Looking for added assurance you’ll have the retirement income you need? Kindur Assured Income allows you to insure a portion of your retirement savings with a fixed annuity, providing predictable guaranteed income for life.

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