Built for boomers

SmartDraw Invest

IRAs, Roth IRAs, and Managed Accounts personalized to help your money work longer for you.

  • Expert money management for 0.25-0.50% per year
  • Dedicated CFP® to guide you through all things retirement
  • Tax-smart planning technology for up to $61,000+ in extra earnings*

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Info and Fees

Built for boomers

SmartDraw Invest

IRAs, Roth IRAs, and Managed Accounts personalized to help your money work longer for you.

  • Expert money management for 0.25-0.50% per year
  • Dedicated CFP® to guide you through all things retirement
  • Tax-smart planning technology for up to $61,000+ in extra earnings*

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Info and Fees

Thousands Trust Kindur with billions
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Kindur has you covered with SIPC insurance that protects your investments and as your fiduciary, we’ll always put you first.
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Over 19,000 people people trust Kindur to build or reinforce their retirement plan.
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Kindur's planning tools have helped baby boomers optimize $12+ billion in assets and investments.
Retirement isn’t one-size-fits-all

Smart, personalized investment strategies to help your money last longer

Fueled by Kindur’s deep investment expertise, SmartDraw evaluates over 50 strategies to personalize one for you. We aim to maximize growth, dynamically navigate market ups and downs, and minimize taxes at every turn. People are living longer, and so should your money.

Smartdraw Invest

Kindur builds investments just for Boomers


Your money deserves a smart, personalized portfolio that evolves just like your goals and income. We manage your account for a low fee, and it comes with a dedicated CFP® Professional and our suite of powerful retirement tools.

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Key Features

checkmarkDiversified, longevity-focused portfolios
checkmarkIRAs, Roth IRAs, Managed Accounts
checkmarkLow-fee, low-minimum investing
checkmarkCertified Financial Planner™

Annual Fees

0.25% Balances over $500,000
0.5% Balances over $5,000 (min.)

To help maximize your returns after all fees, our investments all consist of low cost funds that have a weighted average expense ratio of 0.06%.

The SmartDraw Difference

Saving for retirement has different requirements than living in retirement. That’s why our portfolios adapt over time to adjust for your lifestyle.

Keep your dollars working for you and invest in low-fee funds from the most trusted names like BlackRock, Vanguard and Charles Schwab.

No matter your investment goals or how the market’s doing, SmartDraw Invest can help safeguard your money from unnecessary taxes, penalties and volatile markets. Our 50+ strategies are designed to meet your needs and your risk tolerance at each stage.

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Designed for Retirement. Designed for Life.
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Tailor Your Portfolio in Minutes
First, tell us about your goals and the investment risk level you’re used to. SmartDraw then factors in key info like your age and income to tailor your account. It selects one of 50+ portfolio strategies to determine your initial allocation.
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Protect Your Money Over Time
We select cost-effective investments and charge a simple management fee. Plus SmartDraw technology continuously works to help minimize taxes, penalties, and other surprises to extend the life of your money.
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Add a Human Element
Kindur’s Certified Financial Planner™ Professionals are with you every step of the journey. Whether you’re still saving for retirement, fully retired, or never plan to stop working.
Already living in retirement?

SmartDraw Tax

Spend time and money on what matters. Supplement your tax accountant or software with smarter withdrawals, or give someone you love the gift that keeps on giving—up to $61,000+ throughout retirement.*

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The gift of peace of mind

Monthly and annual options

Tax-optimized technology

Designed for longevity

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You are now the smartest retiree in the room.

Get exclusive content, offers and the latest in retirement advice and legislation, from our team of industry experts.

About Kindur

Kindur is an SEC registered investment advisor dedicated to helping retirees feel prepared moving into retirement. We provide smart, automated advice to personalize your retirement strategy so you can manage your savings with confidence. More about us.
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*Estimated increase based on projected difference between the most efficient and least efficient withdrawal strategy for a 62 year old married couple from Florida with $1 million in assets split equally between IRA, Roth and taxable accounts. User and user’s spouse were assumed to have a salary while working of $80,000 and $30,000 respectively and both retired and started taking Social Security at age 62. A retirement replacement ratio was utilized to provide an estimate of post-retirement spending based on pre-retirement income. To learn more about SmartDraw's personalized withdrawal strategies and the assumptions that make them work, please click here.

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