How to Stay Happy and Healthy After Retiring

August 8, 2019

For many, retirement changes so much more than the amount of money and time you have on your hands. Such big life moments and changes can affect your health, the mind, the body, and the soul in many ways. Here are six ways to feel fulfilled in retirement.  

Stay physically active

It’s a fact that if you improve your health you will spend less on healthcare in retirement. You probably know the basics by now:  eat right, don’t smoke and exercise regularly. And, you probably understand that reducing your stress levels plays a large factor in good health as well. 

But, have you ever really considered how taking care of your health can also save you money down the road? The healthier you are, the less you will spend on appointments, doctor visits, and medical procedures. 

Make it a transition, not a big dive 

Never underestimate the psychological impact that involve stepping into a new life that does not involve formal work anymore. It is usually more challenging if it is not a transition, but rather a sudden change.

You may find it easier to adjust if your move into retirement is a gradual process of declining work commitments, reduced hours and increased travel and leisure time. 

Have a routine and structure to your day

Even though routines are often described as passion and creativity interruptions, they do give our life structure. For most of our waking days, we do have structure imposed on us. For example, we have education, work, and family commitments to name a few things. Thankfully this also grounds us and rewards us with long-term benefits.   

For most people, living a joyful retirement requires some sort of discipline, often in the form of routines that give structure to our days. Therefore it is useful to allocate time to accomplish specific tasks, such as cleaning, housework, lawn work, exercise, social activities, travel, and intellectual pursuits.

Stay socially engaged in your community 

Staying socially engaged as we grow older can be just as effective as physical activity. People who maintain close relationships and engage in social activities tend to live longer. A lot of people have invested a lot of time in their communities when they were younger and when their children were growing up as well. These golden years are still times to stay engaged with what is going on in your community. 

Never underestimate the power of being connected to other people because the investments you make in your relationships are almost always repaid many times over. 

Stay up-to-date with technology 

One sure way to become distanced from the world is to be left behind on matters of technology in today’s day-and-age.

What happens when your local travel agent or your favorite music shop closes down and goes online? Or, if your grandchildren communicate with you via social media? What about when your bank requires you to have a smartphone, or you need to book an Uber?

Individually, none of these changes may seem that significant, but not keeping up with at least some of the technological advancements may impair your ability to function in the modern world moving forward. 

Give back whether that’s through non-profits or philanthropically 

Your time may no longer have the same monetary value as it used to, but you can still give it a social value by offering it up for a good cause. 

Share your stories and experience that you have gained throughout the years. Teach or volunteer at your favorite charity. Become more engaged politically and philanthropically. 

Or even just babysit your grandchildren when you have time. The options are yours to do what you want. 

Talk with a financial advisor to make sure your goals and needs align with your retirement plan.  

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