Our proprietary technology recommends how to make your money last.

We analyze 3,000+ data points and 100+ scenarios to give each Baby Boomer a personalized, tax-efficient retirement plan.

The SmartDraw Difference

SmartDraw creates personalized withdrawal strategies to help you earn up to $61,000+ in retirement.*

SmartDraw powers both the Silvur app and Kindur’s own financial products to help prolong your retirement income.


SmartDraw supercharges your accountant and tax software. It reveals the best strategy to help minimize taxes, avoid penalties, and automatically react to changes in legislation.
Earn an extra $61,000 in retirement*
Avoid hidden, costly taxes & penalties
Supplement your tax preparation

SmartDraw Invest

IRAs, Roth IRAs, and Managed Accounts personalized to help your money work longer for you.
Professional money management for 0.25-0.50% per year
Built with SmartDraw technology for up to $61,000 in extra earnings*
Diversified portfolios automatically rebalanced over time for longevity

SmartDraw Paycheck

Turn your hard-earned savings into a streamlined retirement paycheck.
Full-service retirement income solutions from investments to supercharged withdrawals
Professional money management for 0.25-0.50% per year
Tax-smart technology for up to $61,000+ in extra earnings*
Make It Last: Fintech Firm Solves Number One Retirement Fear—Outliving Your Money
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Be in the Know. Avoid Surprises.

3 million people will pay a surcharge on their Medicare premiums. We’ll see if you’re eligible to save up to $2,000.
50% penalty for missed RMDs (Required Minimum Distributions). We’ll help you keep both halves.

About Kindur

Kindur is an SEC registered investment advisor dedicated to helping retirees feel prepared moving into retirement. We provide smart, automated advice to personalize your retirement strategy so you can manage your savings with confidence. More about us.
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*Estimated increase based on projected difference between the most efficient and least efficient withdrawal strategy for a 62 year old married couple from Florida with $1 million in assets split equally between IRA, Roth and taxable accounts. User and user’s spouse were assumed to have a salary while working of $80,000 and $30,000 respectively and both retired and started taking Social Security at age 62. A retirement replacement ratio was utilized to provide an estimate of post-retirement spending based on pre-retirement income. To learn more about SmartDraw's personalized withdrawal strategies and the assumptions that make them work, please click here.
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